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Collaboration platform

A platform that allows T-Mobile to have consistent output when collaborating and internally and with all its suppliers.






UI/UX Designer


T-Mobile is one of the largest network providers in the USA. We started working with them on multiple projects in late 2015 and soon after opened up a second office in Seattle where T-Mobile’s headquarter is located.


When we started working together we noticed that it was sometimes difficult to get answers on where to find up to date brand documentation and necessary information. That’s due to the large size of T-Mobile’s organisation as well as their many collaborations with external suppliers. For all of these different parties to create products and content that are true to the T-Mobile brand together they needed a way to stay on track and understand how to work together.

T-Mobile is a large growing organisation and effective collboration is important


The solution we created for this problem is an online collaboration platform. On the platform people can create and consume content together and use it as a single point of reference for up to date information. The platform also makes it possible for T-Mobile to have more control over who has access to what information and who can make edits to it.

Initial wireframes

Dashboard - From here users can see a high-level overview of all different areas with content.

Content pages - Users can view articles with up to date content

The platform is to begin with a blank slate waiting to be filled with content. We designed a system where users can create areas and add pages to those areas. This allows them to organise their content in a flexible and efficient way. The content on the pages is created via inline editing tools.

Edit mode - Users can add content using inline editing tools

I joined the project after a pitching/discovery phase was done and a rough scope had been defined. I was one of the lead UI/UX designers alongside another designer on the project. I was involved in every aspect of shaping the product from initial sketching to briefing and working with the developers who built it. I also had the opportunity to fly out to Seattle and present our work and discuss the scope for our MVP.

I got to go to T-Mobile's headquarter in Seattle which was really fun!


The platform has been released and implemented at T-Mobile. We’re continuing to work on it and will keep improving it as time goes by. At this moment we’re monitoring how people use it and what value they are getting out of it and will use that as basis for our future updates.

If I could do it all again I would have fought to keep the scope of the MVP even smaller. The development was more challenging than we expected and it would have been good to allow more time for visual refinements and interaction design in the build. However as I mentioned these areas will be addressed through a continuous improvement process.


Wireframes, Sitemap, Flow chart, Mockups, Design system, functional requirements


Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Jira, Confluence

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