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E-commerce platform

A platform that will be used to sell groceries online by 19 brands in 7 countries.




Ahold Delhaize




Ahold Delhaize is a major supermarket group with over 3000 stores in Europe, North America and Asia. We’ve worked with them to create the next evolution of their digital platform that will allow customers in many parts of Europe to buy groceries online.


When Ahold Delhaize came to us their desktop web experience was out of date and they didn’t have a mobile site. They also found it difficult to manage their overall digital presence due to the large amount of different brands and websites that needed individual attention.

A mobile website was missing.


The main output to the client was a web platform that had two key aspects; responsiveness and re skinnable. The responsive platform allows all of their customers to carry out their shopping needs on all devices. Making the platform re skinnable means that the entire organisation can work from the same core but make necessary tweaks for each market. This makes their digital presence more consistent as well as reduces maintenance cost.

The responsive websites allow users to shop on the go.

We did thorough competitor and adjacent market research to establish best practices and better understand the customer needs and expectations. Our design process also included gathering and validating business requirements, research, wireframing, visuals design, front end coding and quality assurance. We kept a tight dialog with the client throughout the process and many members of the team including myself have been travelling to Brussels and Bucharest to present work and support the project.

User's can search and find recipes to get inspired to cook.

Use the store locator to get directions and information about stores.

My role on the project has changed during its course. Initially I did both wireframing and visual designs, then primarily visual design and towards the end part time overseeing output by attending design reviews. This might sound odd but the project has been going on for 2-3 years in different shape and forms. The project has progressed and so have I. I take with me a much more developed UI design thinking as well as a comprehensive understanding of e-commerce. I’ve learnt the role of a designer in client presentations/reviews as well as the role of a design lead in the reviews I’ve attended with the other team members.

Here I am holding a pen and trying to look natural


It was a long journey but as of early 2017 the site is finally live on The new platform will continue to be carried out across all of their other brands.

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